Welcome to The Sunstrike Files!

Yep. This is my handsome mug. Don’t all of you swoon at once.

Hey Everybody! Welcome to the Sunstrike Files!

My name is Kareem Powell and – as you can guess – I’m the guy behind this. So… What is the Sunstrike Files all about?

Like many musicians around the world, my livelihood has been put “on hold” due in large part to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Being the caregiver to my 77-year-old mother, playing out publicly in crowds is just too risky… particularly as we near the winter months where more activities are going indoors and the infections are surging.

THAT SAID… The world is still a beautiful place, even if we can’t go out and see it. There are billions of people out there creating amazing art, whether you are talking music, photography, painting, etc. I’m fortunate enough to know more than a few and decided “Well… We’re still creating art. Our stories still need to be told. Why not just have a site dedicated to doing just that?”

And so… “USA Election Eve”, I bought the domain name and set up the media channels. While everyone is watching tonight’s insanity, I’ll be working to put these different parts together and start lining up friends to start bragging about.

Now… As awesome as Facebook and other forms of social media are, the ONLY way we’re going to reliably keep in touch is if you sign up for The Sunstrike Files mailing list.

And who knows… Are you doing anything cool? Drop me a line. It’s time to get some art out there.

Peace out!



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